Section 1 - System Setup

Basic Instructions
Basic instruction for using the TCXMED

Shortcut Keys
Description of Shortcut Keys and how to use them within the TCXMED program

Table Explanations
Description and function of each table within the TCXMED. Organized in alphabetical order

Additional Database Request Form
Complete this form and email or fax to our office

Pre-Training Package
- 1 - Initial System Setup Information
- 2 - Facility List
- 3 - User ID and Password Setup
- 4 - Appointment Type and Duration
- 5 - Provider Appointment Schedule
- 6 - Legacy Report Request

Billing Service - New Practice - Setup Check List
Check list for a new practice

Section 1 - System Setup
Simply instructions to set up your system.
- Setup additional User's to access the system
- Setup Referring Providers or add additional ones as needed
- Setup Insurance Companies or add additional insurance companies as needed
- Setup Facilities or add additional facilities as needed
- Setup Procedure Codes or add additional procedure codes as needed
- Setup Diagnosis Codes or add additional diagnosis codes as needed
User Manual
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Resource Center
User Manual Sections

Section 1 - System Setup
Basic TCXMED System Setup

Section 2 - Registration/Appts
Patient Registration and Appointment Entry

Section 3 - Charge Entry
Basic Charge Entry and UB04 Billing

Section 4 - Claim Processing
Electronic and Paper claim processing

Section 5 - Payment Entry
Basic Payment Entry and Adjustment

Section 6 - Statement Processing
Paper and Electronic Statement Processing

Section 7 - Reports Q & A
Answers to your report questions

Label printing
Sending messages via TCXMED
Sample Encounter Forms
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