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    You sit down in front of your computer and the screen is blank, it will not turn on, and everything you stored on
    it is gone…permanently gone.  It's every computer user's nightmare.  There is, however, a way to prevent this
    from happening.  Tele Comm’s TCXBAK is a very secure, sophisticated, remote backup system that combines
    our proprietary Internet backup software with a world class data storage company that has a 60 year history of
    records management, and currently services over 120,000 clients.  It can be used for servers, office
    workstations, and even home computers.  It runs in the middle of the night, does not require any disks, drives,
    cartridges, or human intervention, and it only costs about sixty-seven cents a day.  Sign up for this service
    before March 31, 2011 and we will waive the set up fee and give you 12 months for the price of 11.
    Imagine...no more fax machine, no more ink cartridges, no more paper faxes, no more fax filing, no more
    shredding, and never lose another fax.  TCXMED delivers all of this and more.  You will be saving money with
    your first fax.
  • TCXMED - Insurance Eligibility Checking
    Now insurance eligibility checking is easier than ever.  Eligibility checking can take place directly from the
    appointment book, and the results will be reported directly back to the appointment book.  Call today and learn
    about the many options for integrated eligibility checking.
  • TCXMED - Process Patient Credit Card Payments
    Tele Comm can install a credit card swiper that will process patient payments and automatically apply the
    payment to charges in the TCXMED software.  All of this convenience and probably for less than your existing
    credit card system.  If you do not already have a system, this is the perfect choice for you.
    Tele Comm now offers a complete SUITE of service for your office.  For a low monthly fee we can take care of
    everything including Internet and Infrastructure.

Palmetto GBA Medicare — Helpful Information
  • How To Request the Release of Claims in NPI Development Status
    If you have more than one Medicare Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) that corresponds to your
    billing and/or rendering National Provider Identifier (NPI), you may be experiencing a delay in claims processing
    and payment.  Avoid delays by ensuring there is a one-to-one match between your NPI and PTAN. You can do
    this by collapsing your PTANs or enumerating additional NPIs.  If you have received development letters and
    would like to collapse your PTAN(s) to ensure a one-to-one match, Palmetto GBA will manually release your
    current pending claims and any future claim submissions while your enrollment application is being processed.
    By completing and submitting the Provider Authorization to Release Claims form, you give permission to
    release all claims based on the information you provide. We will continue to release your claims until the
    collapsing of your PTANs has been completed.  For more information on this article, visit Palmetto GBA website.
    Numerous Redetermination requests submitted to NHIC prior to August 8, 2008, and which were transitioned to
    Palmetto GBA, were not immediately available for processing. As a result, the Palmetto GBA redetermination
    team was not able to begin working these appeals until the end of September of 2008. This resulted in a
    backlog of  redetermination requests. Palmetto GBA is working diligently to complete the transitioned
    redetermination requests by early December of 2008. No action is required. Please do not re-submit requests
    that were originally submitted to NHIC. You may continue to check on the status of your request by calling our
    Provider Contact Center.
  • Temporary Procedures To Facilitate Remittance Status Change Requests from J1 Part B Providers
    It appears that during the transition to Palmetto GBA many providers, at one time, enrolled for electronic
    remittances, but decided not to take advantage of this service and continued to rely on the hard copy remits,
    which they continued to receive from their outgoing contractor. They did not experience problems with their
    remittance status with Palmetto GBA until 45 days after the newly set remit counter elapsed and their hard copy
    remits were correctly deactivated.  If you have been affected by this scenario, please fax a request for
    remittance status change on company/provider letterhead to (803) 935-0008, along with your  e-mail address.
    Your remittance status will be changed to hard copy.  This fax number is only for addressing the remittance
    status issue. For more information about the published article, please visit Palmetto website, under Providers /
    Jurisdiction 1 Part A / EDI / General.
    Is documentation required with the claim when submitting CPT modifier 24? If HCPCS modifiers GN and KX are
    both required, which modifier should be submitted first? Find these answers and more in the Modifier Lookup.
    This handy tool contains all the information you need to document and correctly submit modifiers. Palmetto
    GBA revises the information in the Modifier Lookup frequently based on your questions and new published
  • Are you eligible for Advanced Payments to Providers of Part B Services? Visit Palmetto website and see if you
    meet the requirements. Article is located Providers / Jurisdiction 1 Part B / Articles / General
  • Palmetto GBA has been forwarding the MCS Batch Control Listing (BCL) report during early boarding from the
    outgoing Part B contractors. GPNet, their EDI front-end, generates a similar response report that includes the
    acceptance or rejection status of claim files. Since the information on the BCL report is duplicated in the GPNet
    Response Report, Palmetto GBA will no longer forward BCL reports after cutover verification has been
  • If you are having problems with rejections that were not occurring when you were billing NHIC Medicare, you
    may want to check the “Alerts” area on the Palmetto website.  It has information on how to perform certain
    billing operations with Palmetto.
  • If your Palmetto reports have suddenly become unreadable, this could be caused by a change in report format
    that    Palmetto has been randomly making  in some clients mailboxes.  To correct this problem, Palmetto must
    be notified by e-mail that you want them to set the reports back to their original format.  Call us if you need
    assistance with this problem.
  • Palmetto GBA EDI Technology Support Center, states that the best time to call is between the hours of 3:00pm
    and 5:00pm PST. The Support Center opens at 5:00am PST; therefore, a very early morning call would also
    yield quick response time.
  • With Palmetto telephone on hold wait times routinely exceeding two hours, consider sending an email to
    Palmetto, rather then sitting on hold.  The EDI Department email address is medicare.edi@palmettogba.com
  • Utilize their website http://www.palmettogba.com/J1B
  • Familiarize yourself with the report that you need to download after every claims submission:
    RSP000XX.RSP CLAIM RESPONSE—This report is available to download right after claims submission.  
    The Claim Response report shows the total claims submitted and the claims rejected.
  • Errors found on the Claim Response report can be explained in the “GPNet Edits Manual”  which is available
    for download on Palmetto’s website. Below lists common errors and their descriptions.
    MSG-V1E— Subscriber zip invalid.  Verify the subscriber’s zip code, correct and print, store, batch and
    send the claim.
    MSG-VBC—Invalid DX code.  Correct the diagnosis code and print, store, batch and send the claim.
    MSG-C26—Admission Date required in 2300 loop.  Add the Hospital In Date, print, store, batch and send
    the claim.
    MSG-V19—Subscriber ID = INV format.  Verify the subscriber’s ID, correct and print, store, batch and
    send the claim.
Direct Connect
    Effective December 1, 2008, Tele Comm began utilizing a new technology that will provide faster after hours
    service.  Our new Direct Connect service will connect you directly to a Tele Comm service representative when
    you call after hours or on the weekend.  This new service is provided free of charge to all of our service
    contract clients.
EMR, E-Prescribing, and Practice Management
    If you are looking for an all-in-one office system, Tele Comm has the solution for you.  Our all-in-one system
    allows you to configure the system the way you want it at a price that is right for you.  You can have a totally
    integrated system that will electronically chart your patients, manage your prescriptions, electronically bill
    insurance and patients, automatically post payments, and produce financial reports that you can create.  The
    time has come to automate your office and Medicare will give you a 2% incentive payment to get started.  Call
    us today at 1-800-689-8100 to learn more.
Tele Comm Introduces ABC
    Tele Comm Computer Systems Inc is now providing you with a new unique service that will simplify your
    bookkeeping with once a month billing, make it quick and easy to pay your bill, and help you keep better track
    of your account with Tele Comm.  This new service is the Automated Billing Cycle, and is FREE!
    Here’s how it works:
    For example:  October 5th you order a box of forms, October 15th you order a couple of ribbons, and October
    20th you order a case of envelopes.  Although all items are shipped immediately after they are ordered, your
    bill is not e-mailed to you until November 1st.  On November 1st all the items will appear on one bill and you
    can review your bill and/or your entire account on-line.  On November 5th the bill is automatically processed for
    payment and charged to whatever credit card you choose.  There are no paper invoices to handle, no checks
    to write, no mail to send, AND, you can be accumulating points on the credit card of your choice!
    All you need to do to take advantage of this service is to simply call or e-mail Ann at 800-689-8100 or      
Electronic Patient Statements
    Do you want to reduce your office expenses and eliminate time consuming busy work in your office?  Then
    consider having someone else deal with all the statement printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing.  Send your
    statements over the Internet to a statement processing center and they will do all the work for you for less than
    it would cost you.  That’s right, you can save time and save money.  Call us today at 800-689-8100 for more
    information on this exciting enhancement to the TCXMED software.
Say Goodbye to Medicare Dial Up Say Hello to Eligibility Checking
    For approximately $1 a day, your office can be billing ALL electronic claims to ALL electronic insurance
    companies AND check Medicare  eligibility on line through the Internet.  With the TCXMED software and our
    new “Two-For-All” claim processing center setup, billing claims has never been easier.  That’s right, no more
    paper, forms, ink cartridges, phone lines, modems, envelopes, stamps, lost mail, or labor.  And what about
    those pesky claims that have to be sent on paper?  They can also be also be sent through the Internet to the
    claims processing center where they will be printed and mailed for less money than the cost of a postage
Appointment Reminder Expansion Module!
    The appointment reminder expansion module is a sophisticated software package that is totally integrated into
    the TCXMED application. Reminders can be sent directly from the TCXMED appointment scheduler. They can
    be programmed to be sent at any time to patient email accounts, home phones, or cell phones.  The results of
    the reminder are reported directly back to the TCXMED appointment scheduler, and any voice message left by
    the patient can be listened to directly from any computer accessing the TCXMED appointment scheduler. Call
    our office to receive more information about the appointment reminder expansion module and the TCXMED
XP Antivirus
    This is a very malicious virus, please read the following information carefully.
    From Wiki-Security, the free encyclopedia of computer security.
    XPAntiVirus (also known as XP Anti Virus, XPAnti Virus and XP AntiVirus) is fake spyware removal tool that is
    usually downloaded onto your computer by a Trojan (most likely the Zlob Trojan) or under dubious
    circumstances without your consent. Once downloaded, XPAntiVirus begins to haunt the user by displaying
    false security alerts and "detecting" fake threats. The purpose is to get the user to purchase the full version of
    XPAntiVirus spyware removal application. Detection of XPAntivirus (Recommended)
    XPAntivirus is difficult to detect and remove. XPAntivirus is not likely to be removed through a convenient
    "uninstall" feature. XPAntivirus, as well as other spyware, can re-install itself even after it appears to have been
    removed. You also run the risk of damaging your computer since you're required to find and delete sensitive
    files in your system such as DLL files and registry keys. It is recommended you use a good spyware remover to
    remove XPAntivirus and other spyware, adware, trojans and viruses on your computer.
    Method of Infection
    There are many ways your computer could get infected with XPAntivirus. XPAntivirus can come bundled with
    shareware or other downloadable software. Another method of distributing XPAntivirus involves tricking you by
    displaying deceptive pop-up ads that may appear as regular Windows notifications with links which look like
    buttons reading Yes and No. No matter which "button" that you click on, a download starts, installing
    XPAntivirus on your system. XPAntivirus installs on your computer through a trojan and may infect your system
    without your knowledge or consent.
    XPAntivirus may attempt to change your computer's desktop, hijack your browser, monitor your Internet
    browsing activities, change system files, and can do this without your knowledge or permission. Therefore, it is
    strongly recommended to remove all traces of XPAntivirus from your computer.
TCXMED Program Request
    We want to know what you think! Please let us know if you have any TCXMED program requests.
    Click here to fill out the TCXMED Program Request form and SUBMIT.
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New Productivity Tools From Tele Comm
    As high technology becomes a more important part of the Physician office, demands on high speed reliable
    computing goes way beyond the home type computers available in warehouse and big box stores.  Tele Comm
    fills this need with a new line of high speed professional computers assembled in the United States using the
    best components from the finest manufactures, with every effort made to use components manufactured in the
    United States.  These computers are designed for demanding applications, with Quad core i7 processors and
    dual 22 inch wide screen monitors on our premium computers that provide high productivity solutions for busy
Do You want to Float on a Cloud?
    Tele Comm offers cloud computing with all three of our Practice Management and Medical Billing options.  You
    can buy the software, rent the software, or have Tele Comm do your billing and it can all be done on a fluffy
    white cloud.  Call us today and we can help you eliminate expensive server hardware purchases and get you
    floating along.